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Austin Benedict, Grubb & Ellis | Solomon Partners
Social Scientist, Adventure Athlete, Performance Improvement Strategist
"We reach our potential when we push beyond what we think is possible in the pursuit of something we love."
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The Enthusiasm Advantage: Unlock the Power of Zest and Do Big Things
Enthusiasm is energizing. It ignites our creativity and inspires greatness. In this high-energy keynote, Frank Niles explains the key drivers of zest, a mindset characterized by curiosity, energy, and excitement that causes us to conquer mountains or climb the corporate ladder.  Drawing upon the latest behavioral science research and his own experiences as an elite rock climber and executive coach, Frank shows leaders how to cultivate zest and use it to ignite creativity,  boost productivity and engagement, and improve  strategic thinking. 

Keywords: productivity, creativity, leadership, engagement, wellbeing, adventure, zest, strategy, culture, values

Courageous Leadership
Leading isn't for the faint of heart. It's risky being outfront and choosing a course of action. In this inspiring and practical keynote, Frank shows listeners how to overcome fear and build the resiliency needed to live and lead with purpose and make high-stakes decisions when the pressure is on. A powerful talk every leader needs to hear.

Keywords: leadership, courage, adventure, decision-making, values, vision

Invent the Future: How to Make Change Work for You
Change is inevitable, how we respond to it is not. In this entertaining and practical keynote, Frank explains 5 key principles audience members can begin using imediately to make change work for them, rather than the the other way around.

Keywords: entrpeneurship, innovation, change management, personal development, leadership, agility

The Three Ingredients of High Performance Teams
Drawing upon his experiences as a Los Angeles County Paramedic and elite rock climber, Frank identifies the three ingredients that enable teams to succeed when the stakes are high and failure is not an option.  Listeners leave this keynote knowing how to build and sustain teams that perform at the highest level.

Keywords: leadership, communication, team building, cutlure, productivity

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