"...hearing Frank's message may just change your life."
Dr. Callie Rennison
University of Colorado

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A Day Without Social Science is Like a Day Without Sunshine
October 17th, 2017
David Brooks once said that, "A day without social science is like a day without sunshine."

I couldn't agree more.

Occasionally social science show's up in the most unexpected places. In this instance, how celebreties influence people's belieifs and behaviors. It's called the "Jolie effect," named after the acress, Angelina Jolie.

I was happy to be interviewed for this NBC story. Read it here 

After reading the article, think about areas in your life that are affected by the "Jolie effect," or what social and behavioral scientists call a "halo effect?"

Are your beliefs justified or should you evaluate more deeply the evidence underlying them? It takes personal courage to do so, but it is increadily worth it. It could change your life, as well as, your health and wellbeing.
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"Wow! What a powerful message. [Frank Niles] ignites change and leaves a lasting impact. "
Austin Benedict, Grubb & Ellis|Solomon Partners
"...hearing Frank's message may just change your life."
Dr. Callie Rennison
University of Colorado

"You have helped my company and me gain the knowledge needed to get that ’edge’ over our competitors."
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