"What Frank presented is very likely the best/most novel approach to employee engagement I have ever seen."
David Manning, HR Manager, McKee Foods
“Franks dedication to helping me realize my better self and understanding that autonomy is key to a successful leadership team, was eminent from the first meeting. He is a man of character and wisdom. His ability to relate and come to a level of personal understanding is exceptional and I would highly recommend Dr. Niles to anyone who is ready to embrace the opportunity to become their better self.”
Rob Coleman, COO, ERC Companies
"Your talk caused us to rethink how we approach customer service. Now I give every customer the STAR treatment no matter how I feel (thanks for your really practical suggestions on how to do this) and remembering to FLIP my perspective - see things from their side rather than mine. Your presentation was just what we needed…you have a good way of making this program feel like it will work; can't wait to hear you speak again!"
Janice Ellington, Gates Corporation
Frank Niles' message makes a difference.

Frank speaks to audiences throughout the United States and around the world. From small leadership groups to large conventions and international events, Frank uses the latest research and his own personal story to inspire and equip people  to create positive change in their lives and organzations.

And it's working.

Frank also coaches people to greater levels of performance and personal success. Over the past two decades, he has helped thousands of people boost their enthusiasm and producitivty at work and home.

But don't take our word for it. Listen to what people are saying.  Here's a sample:
"Frank is unmatched in his ability to connect with an audience. He is truly unique in his ability to crystalize ideas in ways that enable listeners to unlock their potential. Frank's powerful messages ignites change and leaves a lasting impact. "
Austin Benedict, Grubb & Ellis|Solomon Partners
"The contribution of your time and expertise helped to make both of our events a real success. You did a great job connecting with the audience and keeping them engaged. You have helped my company and me gain the knowledge needed to get that ’edge’ over our competitors. "
Lori Bessler, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
"Frank’s presentations motivate one to reexamine one’s approach to life. He offers concrete exercises designed to recognize imbalance in life, and more importantly to introduce healthy work-life balance.  His speaking style is extremely effective - passionate and entertaining, yet concise and comprehensive. I highly recommend Dr. Niles for your next event - he will be a “hit”, and hearing his message may just change your life."
Callie Marie Rennison, Ph.D., University of Colorado - Denver.
"Thank you so much for your presentation. Not only did you give us valuable information on how to engage our employees, it also gave me a great deal of insight on how employees "connect" or "disconnect" with their job. I particularly appreciated your enthusiasm during the 2 hour seminar, and never once was I looking at the clock wondering when it would be over. You are passionate about the information you conveyed. Can't wait to hear you again. A million thanks!!"
Christina Drake, Coldwell Banker Real Estate
"Dr. Niles' presentation, Winning the Talent War was incredibly practical. Maintaining talented and valuable employees is a must in business. Dr. Niles' use of real life illustrations and current market statistics brought this subject to life. His energetic style of delivery kept my attention. The subject of the "top 5 reasons employees leave" was very useful to me and I'm sure everyone in attendance. Engaging  employees in the business is very important if I want to reduce the "turnover factor". I would recommend this talk and Dr. Niles to any business owner or HR professional."
S. Keith Moore, Farmers Insurence Company
"Frank Niles' message is fresh and compelling; he provides unique insight and understanding.  After each talk, attendees commented on how much they have learned and how they now look at work and life in a new way.  Frank is a captivating speaker. He possesses a special gift and it's clear that he is passionate about helping people succeed."
Kristina Williams, University of Arkansas
"[You] possesses the rare ability to communicate complex information in understandable and applicable ways. Because of your deep knowledge base and engaging style, you easily cross industry lingo.  As a result, you are able to connect with listeners from a variety of industries. Thank you, Frank."
Wendy Togami, Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics
"Last year my business was floundering and so was my motivation.

I called Frank Niles. Frank came in and he asked me to form a "Dream Team" of friends and professionals I have worked with, and he started his transformation magic. Frank knew all the right questions to ask, he knew how to find all of my strengths and challenges, and then came up with a descriptive plan to take these hidden obstacles and place them in action!

Almost overnight it seems, he helped me see a clear path as to what I should do, both professionally and personally. He helped me realize that my personal life is so intertwined with my professional life, that I should only be involved in things I am passionate about, and let go of things of which I am not.

Since my consultation with Frank I have rebranded my company, and  started a consulting business of which I enjoy more than any previous project. I finished my book telling my story of our accomplishments, and have been able to share and teach at national conferences and state trainings. The time spent with Frank is invaluable, and I look forward to the day when I can use his resources yet again, as I grow the company that I have just revitalized with Frank's help!"
Ron Drake, Author of Flip this Town and President of Drake Concepts.
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"...hearing Frank's message may just change your life."
Dr. Callie Rennison
University of Colorado

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